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Immortal Medical

Halotestin | Immortal Medicals (#9)

Halotestin | Immortal Medicals (#9)

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One of the most powerful anabolic androgenic steroids is Halotestin, also known as Fluoxymesterone. It was introduced in the 1950s and it continues to be a name well recognized both for the therapeutic and performance enhancement benefits it offers.

Halotestin has two incidental effects that have made it extremely popular among bodybuilders. The enhanced energy and strength lead to more effective workouts. This leads to the growth of muscle mass. Since an increase in testosterone also targets fat and leads to loss of weight, the muscle gain is mostly lean mass. Bodybuilders gain lean mass while losing the stubborn fat. This also helps in the cutting phase post the bulking up cycle. Many people use the supplement during both bulking and cutting phases. Some people stack the supplement with others for a much better boost to energy and strength. The effect on endurance is less pronounced but those who take the supplement regularly report experiencing much greater stamina.

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